PRESS RELEASE: Women’s Empowerment Non-Profit RightNOW Hires Bettina Inclán as New Executive Director, Expands Board of Directors

The organization is focused on mobilizing female leaders for 2018 and beyond

April 10, 2018

(Washington D.C) – RightNOW, a women’s empowerment non-profit aimed at female leaders who believe in fiscal responsibility and limited government, today announced the hiring of veteran Republican operative Bettina Inclán as their new Executive Director.  The group also announced the addition of Neri Martinez and Sabrina Schaeffer to its prestigious Board of Directors.   With its new leadership team and Inclán at the helm, RightNOW plans on a major national network expansion for 2018 and beyond designed at connecting, mobilizing and engaging diverse women across America.

“Bettina brings a wealth of experience in politics, government, media, and coalitions building that will be invaluable to RightNOW as we expand our national network of women and strengthen strategic partnerships to help identify the next generation of female leaders,” said Marlene Colucci, Board Member and Co-Founder of RightNOW.

RightNOW, a 501(c)(4), is a national network focused on women who believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility and a strong national defense, and who support the elevation of like-minded women to leadership positions in all sectors of the community. Through networking events, mentoring, educational forums, and workshops, local chapters provide women with the knowledge and tools they’ll need to become the next generation of trailblazers who are politically engaged and active at all levels of civic life. RightNOW’s mission is to build a bench of highly qualified female leaders and strengthen America’s future.

“I’m passionate about elevating the role of women in all aspects of our society and excited about joining RightNOW as we engage and mobilize this growing network,” said Bettina Inclán. “Together with RightNOW’s Board of Directors, I’m especially looking forward to showcasing the diversity of thought within the community of female leaders nationally, and building a strong network to support these women.”

Bettina Inclán is a seasoned communications and political strategist, bringing over a decade of experience in government, media relations, coalition building, public affairs and grassroots mobilization. She has held senior roles on Capitol Hill, the Republican National Committee (RNC), and at National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) where she previously helped lead women’s engagement efforts at the committee. Bettina has worked on political campaigns and with elected officials across the country including Mitt Romney for President, Florida Governor Rick Scott and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. She has provided strategic intelligence and crisis communications to some of the nation’s top companies and Silicon Valley firms. She is recognized for her expertise in mobilizing women, Hispanics, and under-served communities and is the former Executive Director of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

Neri Martinez currently serves as Executive Director of the Republican State Leadership Committee’s Future Majority Project. As part of the RSLC, Martinez has recruited hundreds of new women and minority candidates and spent over $18 million to elect 93 new diverse candidates and 373 new women in all 50 states.

Sabrina Schaeffer is Vice President of Public Affairs, The Herald Group. Schaeffer most recently served as executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum, one of the nation’s leading think tanks focused on economic policy issues of concern to women.

Martinez and Schaeffer join RightNOW’s Board of Directors which includes Marlene Colucci, Executive Director of The Business Council; Shelley Hymes Woehrle, Founder and President of Angel Enterprises; Former U.S. Ambassador Lisa Gable; Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council; Lisa Spies, President of The LS Group, Inc.; Brittany Thune Lindberg, Director of The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers’ CouncilPAC; and Valerie Dowling, Executive Director of International Republican Institute’s Women’s Democracy Network.

“Given our current and unique political environment, now is the right time for Bettina, Neri, and Sabrina to join our team and expand RightNOW’s network.  I am excited about the opportunities before us, and look forward to continuing and improving on RightNow’s efforts towards providing even more women with the tools, confidence, and opportunities they need to have a meaningful and lasting impact on civic and public life,” said Shelley Hymes Woehrle, Board Member.