About Us

RightNOW is a 501(c)(4) national grassroots network that brings together women in each state who believe that a limited government focused on building a strong economy and prioritizing our national security is the best way to move our country forward – initiating a new generation of leaders from the ground up!

The network provides women the opportunity to learn about a variety of economic and national security issues from expert panels followed by political workshops to take action.  RightNOW has partnered with the Independent Women’s Forum as a basis for the policy positions represented and will work with state think tanks when possible.  The workshops focus on teaching women the different methods of actively participating in the political process, from voting to petitioning to writing editorials.

In addition, RightNOW offers professional development in the form of mentor connections and access to job listings for its members.  Not only will members be able to search for professional openings across industry sectors in their states, but also across the country. The mentor connections serve as a support for members interested in moving forward professionally and those considering seeking elected office in the future.

The structure of the organization was created to appeal to women not typically involved in politics and eliminate any barriers to involvement by providing easy access to information and a support system.  Our goal: to ensure women feel informed about important policy issues as well as have the skills they need to take political action at any level.

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